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Трага: Дома I Циклус Огласи за вработување Graduates programme- Automation Testing

Graduates programme- Automation Testing

Рок за аплицирање до 7.09.2018 година



Endava Graduate Programme offers you the perfect opportunity to kick start your IT career!

By taking part in the Graduate Programme, divided in two career paths: Development and Automation testing, you’ll have the opportunity to be hired as a permanent employee from day 1 and be placed on a programme that consists of two months of intensive IT and soft skills training followed by project shadowing and later on be assigned on a commercial project.

About us:

Endava is a leading European IT services organisation with over 4,500 full time employees. Headquartered in London, Endava also has offices in USA, Germany, Romania, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria and Latin America. Through everything we do we aim to create an environment and a culture that breeds success by enabling our people to be the best that they can be.

What are your benefits?

  • A real job in one of the fastest growing global companies;
  • Benefit from IT and soft skills training programs;
  • Enjoy a great career opportunity in a friendly environment;
  • You will be working and learning alongside our IT specialists, and you will become involved in multiple project lifecycle stages;
  • You will be involved in helping our teams to find innovative solutions for complex issues;
  • Enjoy full support from our team and have a buddy assigned to you.

Match your profile

What will you need to get started?

  • Good Awareness of testing tools and methods;
  • Basic knowledge of Java programming language;
  • Basic knowledge of development IDEs, like Visual Studio, Eclipse etc.;
  • Basic knowledge of SQL databases;
  • Awareness of UI Concepts;
  • Awareness of the software development life cycle;
  • Theoretical knowledge of OOP concepts;
  • Passionate about software testing;
  • IT graduate or student in your last year of studies;
  • Experience in working on projects – an advantage
  • A proactive person, fast learner and motivated;
  • Involved in extracurricular activities (personal projects, member of research Labs/Academies, training, certifications);
  • Attention to details and problem solving skills;
  • Ability to research new technologies & languages;
  • Advanced knowledge of the English language, both spoken and written


Show us your code to support your CV. See details here: https://github.com/Endava-Skopje/GraduateProgram-201809/wiki

Apply now!

Additional Benefits

  • Possibility to work together with teams from other countries
  • Supportive, friendly and healthy work environment in an international company
  • Continuous learning opportunities (coaching and on the job learning, trainings, certifications, conferences)
  • Private health insurance
  • Social and sport benefits, foreign language courses
  • Flexible working hours
  • Endava referral bonus


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Студентски правобранител
Студентски парламент за УКИМ
Ул. „М. Теодосие Гологанов“ бр. 28/13, 1000 Скопје

02 / 3223 024

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